Convention Portfolio

Person wearing all pink and red lovecore themes outfit standing in front of a 6 ft table. Table has Mestiza Makes merch on it. Background is all white.
Welcome to my portfolio page! Here you’ll find a rough idea of the type of content I make available at conventions and what I could contribute towards your own event. Feel free to email me at with any questions. I would love to join your show in the near future!
Mestiza Makes is an AAPI + LGBTQ owned apparel and art brand. My designs are inspired by Harajuku fashion, pop culture, and more. I believe collective care to be at the root of community building, so part of proceeds are donated to mutual aid groups.

My focus is on original artwork, however I do have fan art designs. I primarily offer paper goods, accessories, and apparel. I'll typically bring a variety of stickers, prints, zines, screenprinted t-shirts, enamel pins, handmade keychains, and small bags to events. I am happy to modify my table set up and offerings based on your convention’s policy!

Please swipe below to see some of my catalog!

Deep skin tone dominatrix print and sticker held up in front of Mestiza Makes booth. Black tee shirt with white screenprint on grass background. Tee design says non-binary bimbo in metal band logo-inspired font. Unisex sizes S-5XL. Part of proceeds go to trans mutual aid funds. Kuromi sanrio bunny strawberry ichigo milk sticker on reusable water bottle. Black tote with skating girl squatting screenprint. Wooden allover background. Mini print with femme person wearing puffy ruffle dress with flowers and face mask on. Cowgirl stickers on wooden background. Black corduroy bag with clown frog embroidery. Wooden background. Dominatrix stickers with different skin tones on wooden background. Primary color screenprinted tote with skating girl graphic. Grass background. Same design tote with pink and red lovecore skating femme tote and purple skating femme tote in background. Filipino baybayin pre-colonial Philippine script stickers. Stickers on black and white grid background. Stickers say mahal kita, kapwa, thinking about sinigang, bakla, ube and taro are not the same, and tahooooooo. Black corduroy sling bag with red embroidery on grass background. Embroidery says decriminalize sex work in metal band logo-inspired font. Part of proceeds go to sex work mutual aid funds. White and black acrylic keychain. Keychain says ingat ka / take care. Roller skates, canvas screenprinted tote, and legs with knee pads can be seen in the grassy background. Closeup of a pink and red screenprinted pullover sweater. Graphic on sweater says decriminalize sex work. Pleaser heels can be seen in the foreground. Primary color corduroy sling bag with mesh. Leaves can be seen in the background. Farmer kewpie sonny angel baby sticker. Sticker is held in front of Mestiza Makes tables. Pink impala roller skates can be seen in the background. Red glitter keychain and white ruffle keychain with grassy hedge background. White ruffle handmade keychain has kitschy valentine puppies on it. Bat rollerskating kewpie sonny angel baby sticker design. 4 stickers are shown on wood background. Color variants of the same design, including orange, purple, pastel pink and blue, and lavender. Enamel pins on grass background. Primary color roller skating femme person pin design. Second design is the same graphic with a lovecore/pink and red variant. Handmade heart ruffle cow print tote. Model is wearing tote as a backpack, while standing in front of a wooden fence with ivy vines.

Previous shows I have vended at include (but not limited to):

Anime Expo Artist Alley, Emerald City Comic Con Artist Alley, Anime Impulse, Anime Ink, Designer Con, C2E2, West Coast Craft, and other local shows

If I’m applying to your event, I want to be there so I am more than happy to put in the work to make your job as easy as possible!