Mestiza Makes candid photo of owner behind booth display. Shop owner is wearing a white big peter pan collar ruffle statement collar over a black button down dress. Owner is wearing a crossbody bag with different pins, including our decriminalize sex work enamel pin.

Photo by @_shooter_mcgavinn_ on Instagram


For lovers of skating, fashion, and all things cute and spooky! Being a half-Filipino enby who loves to skate, Mestiza Makes was born out of the owner's desire to share original designs inspired by Filipino culture, skating, J-fashion, and more with others. They constantly strive to support other artists in the community along the way via collaborations with other creatives.
All screen-printed items are printed locally by POC-owned and operated small businesses. All sewn items are custom made and sewn-to-order by the Mestiza Makes team. Everything is shipped with biodegradable materials and packaged with minimal waste, in order to operate as environmentally friendly as possible. We aim to bring more light to various social issues as well, as seen in our original collaborative designs, such as the decriminalization of sex work and fighting food insecurity.


Hailing from San Diego, the Mestiza Makes team is based on the West coast. We are often traveling around the USA, to meet all your lovely selves and to give you the opportunity to shop in person! Find our touring schedule here to see where we will be vending at next.